Projects Timeline

Bucky Box, Founder


A spin off idea from my Ooooby days, Bucky Box is building the online software behind an emerging food system. Charged with solving the problem of how to get food from local farms to doors in a way that is efficient and scalable. Bucky, a social enterprise, is being incubated in the joyous company of kindred spirits within our social innovation organisation called Enspiral.


A commmunity powered site reviewing bluewater sailboats, the old and trusted kind. This the story of a personal project that started with an innocent review of my sailboat, that quickly grew into a passion, and is now with the help of friends is a leading source of boat reviews online.

Ooooby Box

circa 2009-2010

Ooooby is a social enterprise exploring better ways to grow and get our food. After a brief stint in the founding team of 2009, I came in again to kickstart the “Ooooby Box” with the guys. It was our next step to bring local food to the door (with a promising business model). Kickstarter and all round tech guy.

(some time out to play, hooray)

sun, sail, surf

Snapperfish Ltd, Founder

circa 2001-2005

We pioneered “fat-client email” on 1st-gen smartphones by founding Snapperfish Ltd in 2001 (SnapperMail wireless email). With ungodly passion we built a product that become the de-facto email standard in our Palm OS industry along with 7-figure profitability in three wild years. Wow!

Little Mobile Creations, Founder

circa 2001-2004

Launcher X explored ways of personalizing PDAs and smartphones. This was a partnership with myself (designer hat) and Bozidar Benc (coder hat), a legend in our industry. By keeping this project secret, leaking only tidbits to the eager press, the air of mystery helped it on its way to being the most anticipated Palm OS software product of 2002. Our jaws dropped as pent up demand sustained sales at one every 6 seconds on launch day.

Snapper Solutions Ltd

circa 1999-2001

A late comer to the dot com boom, I cut my teeth on the wide world of web with my very first business providing design services to the development community that had assembled itself around the burgeoning Palm computing platform. In between the gigs were silly escapades like coding my own blogging engine in 2001 using ColdFusion. Oh what nostalgia... we didn’t really know the world would know them to be blogs till later.